K9 Training

Luis Vega - K9 Training Facility

2017 East County Rd 470
Sumterville, FL. 33585

855-45-TACSO (82276)

K9 For Hire
Discrete and Confidential K9 search services

Specialized Protection & detection dog training:

HRD (Human Remains Detection)
Human remains detection (HRD) or cadaver dogs are
used to locate the remains of deceased victims.
Depending on the nature of the search, these dogs may
work off-lead (e.g., to search a large area for buried
remains) or on-lead (to recover clues from a crime

HR Water
Human remains detection on water teaches the dog to
air scent from a boat and pinpoint where remains could
be under the water.

Bed Bug
Bed bug detection dogs. Detection dogs are often specially
trained by handlers to identify the scent of bed bugs. With
the increased focus on green pest management and
integrated pest management, as well as the increase in global
travel and shared living accommodations, bed bugs have
become more prevalent.

Mold Detection
Trained with ScentLogix-K9 for basic mold detection.
Scientifically Formulated *Imprint Non-Hazardous
**TrainNon-Spillable ***Certify - Unparalleled Effectiveness
Patent Pending

Disaster Live
Dogs use their sense of smell to air scent live humans
from a boat.

Crowd Control
Dogs trained in obedience and to push large crowds of
people using their bodies and intimidation.

Dogs trained to find explosive devices including IUD’s
and homemade devices.

Personal Protection
Dogs trained in obedience and bit work to respond to
any threat toward the handler or on command.

All dogs must have copy of vaccination records including Rabies & Bordetella