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Private Investigations


Getting to the root of the truth.

TACSO Private Investigations provides comprehensive fact finding, evidence gathering, and data analysis. We cater our services to the needs of your specific case, leveraging our expertise in risk management, personal protection, and military arenas.


We serve our clients with discretion and courtesy with an attention to detail. Whether you're a small business, high-profile individual, or family we are dedicated to quickly providing actionable information and results.




Background Reports

Background & Due Diligence Reports

Assess the credibility and reliability of individuals or entities before entering into agreements or partnerships.

Child Custody or Neglect Investigations

Child Custody & Child Neglect Investigations

Safeguard your child’s best interests by securing actionable evidence in child custody disputes and neglect cases.

Tracking and Location Reports

Tracking and Location Reports

Our expertise extends to tracking down and pinpointing the whereabouts of individuals, assets, or critical information.



Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity Investigations

Delve into suspicions of infidelity, cheating spouses, and unfaithful partners through our spousal surveillance and infidelity investigations.

Social Media Reports

Social Media Reports

The process of gathering and analyzing information from various social media platforms to extract valuable insights for investigative purposes.

Risk assessments

Risk Assessments

We evaluate the probability of specific threats materializing, providing valuable insights into potential risks.



Internet Dating Investigations

Internet Dating Investigations

Ensure your safety and security when engaging in online dating by verifying individuals’ authenticity and backgrounds.

Romance Scam Investigations

Romance Scam Investigations

Specialized inquiries aimed at uncovering fraudulent romantic relationships initiated for financial gain or deceptive motives, typically involving identifying and exposing the scammer’s true identity.

Workers Comp Investigations

Workers Comp Investigations

Verify the legitimacy of workers’ compensation claims and protect your interests.



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