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Executive Protection & Security

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Event Security

Protect your guests and your event with our highly trained team. Don't let organized fun turn into the horror stories of unruly guests or an unmitigated emergency. We keep the peace and facilitate so that your patrons know exactly where to go and restrict access to critical areas; directing the flow including in the case of an emergency

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Retail & Commercial

When maintaining the integrity of your business and providing a safe environment for your employees and customers. Cameras for your employees and customers. Cameras are only one element of a full security package. Our officers are vigilant, skilled, and ready to mitigate all risks; expected or not.

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Private Executive

You live your life. We protect it.

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Armed & Unarmed

Our security officers are professional and well-trained, friendly, and courteous. Prepared to anticipate and mitigate all security threats no matter the task. Whether it be personal protection, making sure your event runs smoothly, or ensuring that your commercial space remains safe and secure.